"Loyalty is hard to find these days; however, we have a great team, which results in a great company."     

​                          - Sam Ramkissoon, Owner

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ATON U.S.C.G. Brewerton Channel Tower

"We want to get into the process of fabricating steel embeds on a large scale, for precast and concrete attachments."

                                 - Sam Ramkissoon, Owner

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These quotes are from our owner, Sam Ramkissoon. The ones listed give our customers an idea of how Skyline Construction operates. These quotes have provided the potential that makes our work more prominent today. 

JM Family Support Services/JM Family Enterprises

Downtown Jacksonville

"At the time we wanted to bring the Super Bowl to Jacksonville, to boost the economy here. We started off from what existed, took the drawings and went from there, and kept building."

                  - Sam Ramkissoon, Owner


​Steel Fabrication Done Right

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Alltel Stadium, Image from StructuresIntl.com

"We are looking to do more international work because we strongly feel that everyone would benefit."

​                        -Sam Ramkissoon, Owner